YYC Burger Battle: Calagary's Newest Food Fest For the love of YYC Burgers - An epic battle for Burger Supremecy. Friday May 26th to Sunday June 4th 2017

Selkirk Grille 2017 Burger Battle Contender Bio

The Selkirk Smokestack Burger $16

Paying homage to Heritage Park's train theme and incorporating our exclusive Big Rock Brewery Smokestack Ale, this burger is literally stacked with flavour piled between our own Alberta Bakery's house made bun.

Ingredients: (click to explore!)

Beef 33 Smokestack Ale 1 BBQ Sauce 6 Bacon 16 Cheddar Cheese 5 Lettuce and Tomato 1 Sesame Seed 5 flour 40 milk 26 egg 38 yeast sugar 1 salt 43 4

Dietary Restrictions Notice*:

Contains DAIRY; Contains EGG; Contains GLUTEN; Contains PORK; Contains BEEF;

Selkirk Grille

1900 Heritage Dr, Calgary, AB T2H 0A8, Canada

The The Selkirk Smokestack Burger is available;
Friday May 26th to Sunday June 4th 2017

Monday - Closed Tuesday 11AM-4PM , 5PM-9PM Wednesday 11AM-4PM , 5PM-9PM Thursday 11AM-4PM , 5PM-9PM Friday 11AM-4PM , 5PM-9PM Saturday 11AM-4PM , 5PM-9PM Sunday 11AM-4PM , 5PM-9PM

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